The building that now houses BOUND|RY Events & Catering began as Graylynn Apartments in the early 1900s, and traces of the original interior can be seen on the second and third floors. It remained an apartment building for many years before beginning its transition into an iconic gathering place during the heyday of Music Row.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel
In 1979, it became the Close Quarters Hotel, a 17-suite private hotel for traveling musicians. Boasting a Jacuzzi, saunas on every floor, a 7-foot television, free limousine service, bar, restaurant and The Backstage Pass, an exclusive club, the Close Quarters Hotel quickly became the destination for performers such as Willie Nelson, Alabama, the Allman Brothers, ABBA and Rod Stewart. It was especially popular with rock ‘n’ roll musicians, such as KISS and the Eagles, and was dubbed “Nashville’s first rock ‘n’ roll hotel.”

Close Quarters
After the hotel entered receivership, it reopened in 1980 with a new concept under new management. The private club was replaced by The Quarter Note, a 68-seat restaurant that served Mexican dishes. (Interestingly, in the next year, the spot on 20th Avenue became the first hotel in the Nashville area to have cable television.) In 1982, the restaurant expanded and was renamed the Close Quarters Restaurant.

Third Coast
In 1985, restaurateur Randy Rayburn was hired by the owner to close the Close Quarters, and the space reopened as Third Coast with the help of bar manager Dan Goosetree, who later opened Bound’ry with Jay Pennington as operating partners.

Chef Deb Paquette, now of Etch and soon-to-open Etc., was the first chef for the newly opened Third Coast. She later returned as co-chef of Bound’ry with Chef Willie Thomas, now of Park Cafe and Eastland Cafe, who left the Hermitage Hotel, which he had reopened as executive chef.

The Bound’ry is born.
In 1995, Bound’ry was born, focusing on worldly cuisine. Its name was a playful twist on the fact that its menu had no boundaries, but instead covered a range of dishes and drinks, including Italian, steaks and craft cocktails. In 1998, a fire occurred in Bound’ry’s largest space on the third floor. The newly repaired room was named the Phoenix Room, hinting at “rising from the ashes.” The building was also the first establishment in Nashville to employ an open-air concept in the bar area. In 2006, current owner Joe Davis bought Bound’ry. The first task was giving the interior a makeover.

Bound’ry quickly became a staple in the Nashville dining scene. Bound’ry closed in 2015 for renovations. It was renovated again to transform into an event venue with a catering component. It reopened in June 2016 as BOUND|RY Events & Catering.

Timeline at Glance:

Early 1900s – Graylynn Apartments

1979 – Close Quarters Hotel (private/for musicians)

1980 – Close Quarters Hotel and The Quarter Note restaurant (open to public)

1982 – Reopens as Close Quarters Hotel and Close Quarters Restaurant

1985 – Reopens as Third Coast

1995 – Bound’ry opens

2006 – Joe Davis buys Bound’ry

2015 – Closes for renovations

2016 – Reopens as BOUND|RY Events & Catering